Technology & Software

The technology industry is dynamic yet rapidly evolving. As technology companies learn to adapt to such ongoing changes, they also face growth challenges and opportunities to keep up with the competition. Companies operating in this fast-paced environment need an advisor who can foster growth from the initial concept through liquidity. Schlissel & Associates technology professionals are here to help your tech company stay on the leading edge of the industry and guide you through all phases of development, expansion, and growth.

Schlissel & Associates specializes in the following niches:

  • cropped shot of businessman showing laptop, tablet and smartphone with gdpr and cyber security signsSoftware/SaaS
  • eCommerce
  • Security
  • FinTech
  • Mobility
  • Hardware

To help you take advantage of growth opportunities, Schlissel & Associates employs a collaborative approach to technology problem-solving. Whether it’s evaluating the most beneficial tax structure, introducing potential funding sources, establishing formal controls, capturing Research & Development tax credits/incentives, and other specialty consulting , you will receive guidance through all the business and accounting issues your technology company faces.