Real Estate & Construction

You want your real estate and construction company to grow and excel regardless of the economic climate. Schlissel & Associates real estate & construction group helps you focus on just that: growing your business. Our real estate and construction professionals provide tax and accounting guidance that positions your business for success.

Having a firm in your corner that has served a substantial number of Hawaii based real estate and construction clients allows you to leverage market dynamics and best practices. This collaborative approach offers you a proactive and innovative real estate and construction business resource to help you guide your business forward. We can ensure you have strong industry relationships while we stay ahead of trends to provide you with timely, practical advice.

Every real estate and construction client is different. To meet your specific growth needs, you will receive a customized real estate and construction-focused strategic plan that covers objectives such as developing effective tax strategies and structuring developments or projects.

Tower cranes silhouette and unfinished multi-storey high buildings under construction site in the sunset evening in the rays of the setting sun

Schlissel & Associates can craft highly tailored solutions for a wide spectrum of commercial and residential clients, including:

  • Commercial, Industrial, Mixed Use, Residential, and Retail Developers and Operators
  • Amenity and Resort Developers, Operators
  • Property Managers
  • General, Special Trade and Commercial Contractors