Audit Defense

Schlissel & Associates: Your Tax Audit Planning Experts

Discover the benefits of tax audit planning with Schlissel & Associates. In many cases, individuals and businesses are unaware that audits can yield unexpected refunds. Our team of tax professionals specializes in analyzing your situation to determine the optimal approach for the best possible outcome.

Notably, the IRS prefers collaborating with tax professionals, as it streamlines the process and often leads to more favorable decisions. Explore how our expertise can make your tax audit experience smoother and potentially result in money owed to you.

Services include communications and meetings with the IRS or state taxing agency, including:

  • Developing a plan of action
  • Following up with the Tax Authority
  • Preparing your required documents
  • Representing you in all meetings
  • Negotiate settlements
The sales department is having a monthly summary meeting to bring it to the department manager, they are verifying the correctness of the documents that are prepared before bringing in to the manager.