General Excise Tax

It is not easy to determine your compliance with the State of Hawaii laws as it pertains to the General Excise Tax and Transient Accommodations Tax. With over 50 percent of the State’s revenue coming from General Excise Tax and Transient Accommodations Tax, the State is very proactive in confirming you meet the requirements through audit. With penalties of up to twenty-five percent and interest on underpayment of nearly nine percent, incorrectly calculating your General Excise Tax liability can be financially painful. Unlike a sales tax, the Hawaii General Excise Tax is broader and with different rates, exemptions and exclusions, the professional at Schlissel and Associates can review your operations and make sure you are in compliance.. For our multi-State clients, we can analyze the States, Counmties and Cities they operate in or sell to and make sure they are properly collectiong sales tax where applicable. With States enforcing strict nexus requirements that impact most businesses and make old sales tax processes obsolete, it is imperative that a business properly register and collect sales tax where required. The good news is that implementing the right sales tax procedures will reduce costly risks and potentially save your company thousands of dollars each year.

Our sales and use tax services solve your unique pain points, from nexus exposure and compliance burdens to overpaid or underpaid sales tax and audit risks.

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