Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution

Regardless of your best intentions to avoid them, tax issues do arise from time to time. Schlissel & Associates’ experienced tax professionals are trained to provide expert guidance aimed at resolving any tax controversy, no matter how complex, in a favorable and timely manner.

Our tax professionals work with you to identify potential income tax controversy risks and help you prevent, efficiently manage, and favorably resolve tax audits and disputes. Few companies are prepared for an IRS audit of their transfer pricing documentation and methodology. We can help you prepare ahead of time to avoid any tax controversy and give you peace of mind.

Schlissel & Associates’ tax controversy services include:

  • African woman comforting troubled young man looking through financial papers while both sitting by tableFederal and State Tax Disputes of Individuals, Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, Tax-Exempts, and LLCs
  • International Tax Disputes
  • Transfer Pricing Disputes
  • Tax Audit Resolution and Closing Agreements
  • Refund Claims and Resolution
  • Employment Taxes
  • Tax Penalty Abatement
  • Reportable Transactions and Penalty Avoidance Disclosures
  • Tax Transcripts and Interest Disputes
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, IRS Appeals, and Fast Track Settlement
  • Information Reporting and Tax Withholding
  • Collection Relief, Installment Agreements, and Offers in Compromise
  • Tax Shelter Assistance and Resolution